J2150 Week 14: Looking Forward

My semester in J2150 Convergence Journalism is just about over, with our final projects turned in and just a couple more classes to attend to critique our websites for the project.

St. Baldrick's in Columbia

Screen Shot picture from stbaldricksincolumbia.wordpress.com

Spending this last month working on my group project covering the St. Baldrick’s Foundation while events were being held in Columbia was actually really enjoyable for me. Over the course of the semester, I’ve really discovered how much I enjoy working with different forms of media, from filming an event, capturing audio, and editing all the footage together. It’s really satisfying when you finally put it all together and have a one minute and 15 second video to be proud of…unless you are thrown back by the fact that you put days and hours into making one video that only lasts 75 seconds in the end. But, I still think it was a fun project. 

Even though I’m going into Strategic Communications (Public Relations) as my emphasis area, I really hope that I can apply some of the skills I learned in Convergence to my job in the future. I’ve thought about this before, and since I know I’m not really a professional at convergence journalism by any means, making videos and taking pictures that tell a story will always be a hobby of mine. I really enjoy the artistic side of it and being able to evoke emotions in people through images, video and audio that I’ve captured and put together. I’ve shown some of my friends just a few of my amateur projects I’ve done over the course of this semester, and I love hearing them say ‘Wow that’s soo cool! I would never know how to make something like that!’ because it gives me a real sense of accomplishment. 

In this post, I guess I just really wanted to take the chance to reflect on how I feel about my future in journalism. Is it weird that one of my worries is that I don’t have many professional looking clothes to wear to interviews and on camera yet? I know it should be a minor concern, as it would be easily solvable, but it’s still something that was running through my mind. I’m really excited about next year because a majority of my classes will now be strictly journalism and not a bunch of random requirements. Then by spring semester next year, I’m going to be taking journalism classes in Spain, something that I think will be the experience of a lifetime. 
While I’m in Spain, I’m considering keeping a blog of my experiences and daily and weekly activity in the foreign country. I’ve never been outside of the United States before, so my new found knowledge of blog usage and an amazing trip to Spain combined would make for some great content. I know a few friends from my high school that ended up going to different colleges have kept blogs from their study abroad adventures.

Travel Abroad Blog

Screen Shot of Amanda's blog she maintained while studying abroad.

For example, my friend Amanda went to Europe and this is the blog she maintained while there. I think this would be a great idea for me, especially since I’ll be studying Spanish and Journalism while I’m there. I also hope that I keep an on-going photo gallery of some amazing pictures that I take. The city is going to be very architecturally new to me, which will provide me with numerous opportunities to take pictures like I never have before.   

It’s always comforting to me when I realize that I can combine the things I personally want to do in my life with the things that I want to do as a career, as a way to support myself financially by having a full-time job. I truly think a career in journalism will allow me to do this. There are soo many places to visit and stories to be told, I don’t think I could ever become bored with journalism. 

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One thought on “J2150 Week 14: Looking Forward

  1. Are you thinking of using this blog as your study-abroad blog? I think it would be awesome to read about your experiences in Pamplona and Europe in general. I never had the opportunity to study abroad in Spain, and everyone I know that has seems to have had radically different but enjoyable experiences.

    As far as the days and weeks of work for 75 seconds of material, just think about how much more likely people are to watch and share your story. If you film for two hours and put the entire event online, you might have .01% of people actually watch the entire thing, (counting yourself). Will you watch that same 75 seconds again and again in the future and look back on the experience fondly? My magic eight-ball says, “Yes.”

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