J2150 Week 12: The Maneater

As you well know, there was a huge controversy over the April Fool’s Day edition of the Maneater, better known on this day, Sunday, April 1, 2012, as The Carpeteater. 

Abby Spundich, the managing editor, posted this letter of resignation on Tuesday, April 10, 2012. She said she hopes that her absence at The Maneater will allow the paper to rebuild its reputation in Columbia on the University of Missouri campus. 

The Carpeteater- April Fool's

Picture from collegemediamatters.com

I really don’t understand what part of this “joke” was supposed to be funny or when the editors of the paper consciously thought that this would be a good idea. To be honest, this one mistake really discourages me from trying to get involved with The Maneater during any of my time left here on campus. As a journalism student, I figured it would be good for me to get involved with the student run paper, but after this, I’m not so sure if I will. If I do want to get involved with something, I would choose The Columbia Missourian over The Maneater anytime of any day now.  

Maybe it’s unfair to judge the upcoming reputation of The Maneater over this issue, considering that Abby Spundich has resigned, but I need to make sure I don’t ruin my own reputation in the future too. I thought it was really interesting that we mentioned in class how future employers may see on our resume that we worked for The Maneater, and then possibly turn us down just because their initial thoughts about the paper may return to this April Fool’s Day edition from 2012.

I don’t think Spundich is the only one to blame for this edition of the paper going to the public. I think others at The Maneater are at fault as well, but when it comes to situations like this, supposedly she had the final word, and the word was wrong, as can be judged by her resignation. 

I think a “joke” like this was meant to stay inside the newsroom, for the students at The Maneater to “enjoy” among themselves. It shouldn’t have gone to the public, but it did nonetheless. I just hope that everybody at The Maneater at least takes this as a learning experience, and even all the other students at the Missouri School of Journalism. We should all sort of see this as a lesson of how something we may think is completely innocent can actually ruin a lot and make people angry. Our reputation is at stake everyday as a journalist, so we need to make sure we make our decisions very carefully.  

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One thought on “J2150 Week 12: The Maneater

  1. Just a quick note of clarification – Abby spells her name Spudich, not Spundich. Also, while we did discuss it in class, I hope I didn’t freak anyone out. The odds of a job offer not going through just because of the name “The Maneater” is on their resume is slim to none. Now if it’s the name mixed with the knowledge that the person in question was a part of the April Fool’s Day issue, then that’s something for interviewers to look more closely at.

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