J2150 Mobile Journalism: The Velvet Cupcake

VELVET CUPCAKES FROST THEIR WAY INTO COLUMBIA                                                                -Valerie Guglielmi/J2150F News  Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Velvet Cupcake is a new gourmet cupcake store in Columbia on Eighth Street. Catie Day, an employee, said the store opened in December, 2011. 

Day said their cupcakes are unique in comparison to others in Columbia because they use imported ingredients. 

“We have a lot of higher up ingredients that make our cupcakes gourmet,” Day said.

Day said The Velvet Cupcake is another extension to The Tiger Hotel, just like their bar and dance club, that gives Columbia something it never had before.

The new shop has attracted many customers, from college students to businessmen.

“You can’t have a bad conversation over a gourmet cupcake,” Day said. “Customers come in just to talk and hang out while enjoying a delicious treat.”

Business at The Velvet Cupcake is off to a great start.


Catie Day holds a Heath Bar Cupcake in her hand while working behind the register at The Velvet Cupcake on Tuesday, April 10, 2012.


A Valentine's Day themed cake sits on display at The Velvet Cupcake shop. Day said it's worth about $2,000.

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14 thoughts on “J2150 Mobile Journalism: The Velvet Cupcake

  1. I like this story idea! The Velvet Cupcake is so new that I’m sure they love being interviewed. I would have liked to see more pictures of the cupcakes though!

  2. “You can’t have a bad conversation over a gourmet cupcake”….. truer words have never been spoken. I love the pictures of the food. Great work!!

  3. I actually like how the photos are designed, but if only there were a way to adjust where they are on the page! Also, the second photo would pop more if there was a bit more lighting to it.

  4. I really like how you included facts not commonly known- like that they import their ingredients. I would’ve liked to have seen the pictures scattered inside the story though. For instance, the picture of Day could have been included right under her first quote in the story.

  5. This is really well done. I’m curious as to how you made your photos and captions look so good via mobile journalism.

  6. lexispeevs on said:

    Awesome pictures, especially of the giant Valentines Day Cake! I especially likes how you included what it added not only to the Tiger Hotels Business but also to the City of Columbia itself.

  7. Great story idea! I’ve been meaning to try the Velvet Cupcake for a while now. I didn’t know they used imported ingredients! I’m sure that makes them even more delicious than they look in your pictures!

  8. That cupcake looked delicious. I’m so jealous.

    This is a good story because it’s current since the store is so new. Plus you had something that made them different.

  9. Yöst on said:

    Love the detail of your piece. Any examples of the imported ingredients they use?

  10. I think my favorite part of your blog is the title of the post. I’m glad our angles on Velvet Cupcake were very different. Your story gives a good, simple description of the bakery and the photos really add more to your description. One thing to possibly change in your writing is to not say Day said “___” before the facts she says. For those you can just state the fact without that clarification. For opinions you can use ‘Day said’.

  11. I love the angle you took on this story! Instead of making it about the addition to the Tiger Hotel, it was focused on the unique ingredients and conversations had over a cupcake, making the story more personable and appealing to people to make them want to know more and visit. The photos are great, as well!

  12. I love your headline- very creative! You got and chose great quotes from your subjects as well. Great job!

  13. Really great content. I love how you mentioned many other services the Tiger Hotel provides and told us about their ingredients. I learned many new things and I’m a regular at the Velvet Cupcake!

  14. Great headline! Aside from some AP grammar errors (fareehaamir mentioned one), and that it would have been better to include the photos with the text, the story was focused and covered well.

    I’m wondering how long it took to make that Valentine’s Day cake, and who actually ordered it. It’s an interesting detail, but it doesn’t have that much to do with your story, as you don’t mention that the store makes things other than just cupcakes.

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