The Dog and the Whale

J2150 Week 7: The Dog and the Whale

The other week I came across this audio slideshow on BBC News called The Dog and the Whale, published on Oct. 19, 2010. It’s a three minute and three second audio slideshow about the study of whales and how the black Labrador helps the researchers to locate the whales’ feces floating in the water to be used for examination purposes. I encourage anybody interested in convergence journalism to check out this video because it’s very well done overall. 

The first thing I noticed about this audio slideshow was the use of natural sound. It was done extremely well in my opinion. The whale noises at the very beginning of the show were included perfectly and helped to really set the scene and tone of the story.

North Atlantic Whale

Photo from BBC News

The researchers talking and interacting with the dog also added a good effect to the audio. There were a lot of different voices, so it was nice that there were pictures of the researchers being quoted and not just pictures of the dog and the whale. 

As for the pictures included in this story, they were just beautiful. The colors were amazing and very appealing to the eye. The contrast of the yellow from the rescue vests and the blue from the ocean was astounding. The pictures were very crisp and clear; it felt like I was right on the boat with the researchers in the middle of the ocean. 

I was very moved by this journalistic piece of art. I hope that one day I’ll have the skills to put something together as marvelous and amazing as this. There seems as if there are a lot of adventures to experience if I were to go into convergence journalism. 

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One thought on “J2150 Week 7: The Dog and the Whale

  1. Wonderful slideshow and story! I would have completely missed this one if you hadn’t blogged about it.

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