J2150 Week 4: Visual Storytelling

Without even knowing it, I’ve actually created a visual story before. In my free time one day during freshman year at Mizzou, my friend, Catie, and I were just being our goofy, natural selves. The evening started out with us deciding to wear nose strips. As if we thought we didn’t look funny enough already, we put on some fake mustaches that we always keep handy. Catie even put a top hat on to complete her look. While taking pictures of ourselves with PhotoBooth, we came up with the grand idea to create a murder mystery picture story. You can watch it here on YouTube, or just click play on the video below.

So, as you can see, it’s nothing professional or anything to foreshadow my future journalism career, but rather just a little amateur fun that lasts 30 seconds. 

After attending Rita Reed’s in class lecture on visual storytelling Tuesday, I realized how creatively beautiful and emotionally appealing visual stories are. My interest in photography is being positively reinforced with each passing week I’m in this class, but yet, I’m still having trouble picturing myself being a photojournalist in the future. I’m worried about the idea of photography being more of a hobby for me instead of a career, and that I would be better suited in the long run for public relations.

Nevertheless, I’m very excited to create my own visual story this semester as part of our 7 week assignment. It comforts me that throughout this semester we have the ability to learn how to use the equipment, experiment with it, turn in a product, and not be judged extremely harshly on what our final product turns out to be. I’m no where near a professional level with all this multimedia stuff, but I like to learn from the constructive criticism I receive, instead of being focused on my grade in J2150. 

If you are interested in learning more about visual storytelling, check out the Digital Photography School website and explore Darren Rowse’s advice in the article, “Telling Stories with Photos.” 

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One thought on “J2150 Week 4: Visual Storytelling

  1. Ha! Oh Photobooth…

    Don’t be too hard on yourself with regards to your photography skills. You have talent, but you need experience. That’s the one thing that is a drawback for visual media – it’s easy to see what’s good and what isn’t, which can really psyche out otherwise talented future photographers and videographers.

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