Social Media

J2150 Week 3: Blogging

Social Media

What really is blogging anyway? Up until I started my multimedia journalism class this semester at the University of Missouri, I had never tried making a blog or even had the thought of creating one cross my mind. I wouldn’t have know what to write about, even though everybody has the freedom to write about whatever they so desire in their blog. The only source of social media I was used to having was my Facebook account, and even that I don’t use that much. The only reason I had a Twitter account before starting this class is because I am the public relations officer for UNICEF Mizzou; one of the position requirements is to keep the clubs’ Facebook and Twitter updated. 

New Adventures, New Blog 

But now that I am a regular user of Twitter in order to follow the news and WordPress for blogging, I’m enjoying it throughly. I’m even thinking about creating a new blog for a more personal website about myself, my life, my experiences. (Not that I don’t enjoy only writing about Journalism related topics =P) But I have this vision for my new blog: it would be a reflection of me and my interests through a very visually enticing layout. I think keeping a blog would be useful during Spring Semester of 2013 while I’m in Pamplona, Spain, studying abroad. I’d be able to document my adventures in a new country and keep my friends and family from back home updated on my life. While I could probably do this via Facebook, I think having my own WordPress website would not only be much more entertaining for me, but also for others to read. 

I don’t consider myself to be all that technologically savvy, but I learn pretty quickly and usually figure out how to work my way around different types of technology with a little bit a experimentation. I like exploring the internet and seeing how different each person’s blog site can be. 

I really like the fact that the layout of my WordPress website for J2150 is composed of pictures. Although the picture I featured for this particular entry in my blog is not a picture I took myself, but rather uploaded from Google Images, I’m hoping that in the future, or just for my personal blog, I start taking my own pictures and only including those in my website. I still have a lot more to learn about blogging, but I’m certain that by the end of this semester, I will be much more knowledgable and involved in social media. 

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One thought on “J2150 Week 3: Blogging

  1. DEFINITELY keep a blog about your trip to Pamplona, and make a habit of updating at least once a week. You’d be surprised about how useful having that blog is years after you posted, even if it’s just for nostalgic purposes.

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