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J2150 Week 2: Leading Lines

This week in J2510 I had the responsibility to “See Red,” not only through my eyes, but through the lens of a camera as well. I spent my Friday afternoon wandering the streets of downtown Columbia with a Nikon D7000 dangling from my neck. I really enjoyed experimenting with the camera, finding interesting shots and noticing things that I normally wouldn’t stop to take the time to look at.

One of my struggles during the “Seeing Red” assignment was finding leading lines that focused on a red subject. I haven’t had that much experience with photography yet, so it’s pretty obvious that I still have much to learn. However, I did my best to capture as much red as I could that came across in an ascetically pleasing manner.

Fire Lane
Fire Lane
Picture taken by Valerie Guglielmi

The picture above is one of the many shots I took the other day. Although I did not choose to use this photo for my “Seeing Red” assignment, I thought it would be interesting to share here. I like how the main focus of the picture really is the red-painted fire lane curb. It doesn’t really draw one’s attention to anything in particular, but as a viewer, my eyes are forced to follow up and to the right across the picture. Also, the curb that makes a horizontal line on the upper portion of the picture diverts my eyes once again.

If I were to retake a picture using this red curb, I would try taking it from many more angles. One idea I had was to lay down on the ground right next to the curb in order to get the camera at the same level as the curb. I’m not sure how the shot would come out, but it never hurts to try new things. Besides, I can take as many pictures as I want, but then I just have to decide which one is best.

Hot Box Crayons
Hot Box Crayons
Picture taken by Valerie Guglielmi

“Hot Box Crayons” is another picture I took while on my “Seeing Red” adventure. Yes, the main focus of the picture is not “Red,” which is why I didn’t choose it as one of my final 3 pictures. But, I do really like the picture overall. The colors are vibrant and intriguing, lines lead both horizontal and vertical, and the lighting and focus came out decent. What do you think of this picture?

Overall, after working on this photography assignment, I’ve realized that I really do appreciate the art of picture taking. As dull and overcast as the day was while I was out snapping pictures, I was able to discover beauty in things I normally wouldn’t notice. The adventure reminded me of a quote by Confucius, and I will leave you with it:

“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.” -Confucius

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One thought on “J2150 Week 2: Leading Lines

  1. WOW Val! You really made some great changes to your blog layout. You’re the first student I’ve had that has used a main page with visual links to blog posts, and it’s quite refreshing. I’m eager to see what you do with your site in the future.

    One quick note about the new design though – the color of the font on the light blue background can be really hard to see for people with colorblindness – if you use the same color text but have it set in a white text box over the light blue background, your colorblind readers will thank you. 😉

    Excellent job this week – I can’t wait to see your final picks for “Seeing Red.”

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