J2150 Week 1: Photo

There’s no such thing as syllabus week in the J-School at Mizzou. We jump right into learning new material and attacking new assignments. Photojournalism seems to be the first topic we are covering, and I’m really excited about it. I’ve never really given the idea of becoming a photo journalist that much thought, but I’m eager to learn new skills when it comes to having the artistic ability to capture beautiful moments, decisive moments.

I do enjoy taking pictures, but I want to learn how to make them way more professional and meaningful. The idea of the Decisive Moment really intrigued me…life is once; you can’t just recreate moments; you have a small window of opportunity to capture something that ignites emotional responses.

While looking for more examples of this “decisive moment” in photography online, I came across this blog, full of “50 Classic Examples of the Decisive Moment in Photography.” I find the pictures to be just…amazing. They are truly beautiful and mind blowing. I especially enjoy the ones in which the water on the ground creates reflections. Also, the one with the man in mid-air…without today’s technology, pictures like that could truly only be captured once in a lifetime. Time and place becomes extremely critical for photographers.

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One thought on “J2150 Week 1: Photo

  1. Val – the link and photo you used are AWESOME. That said, you could really make them all one post, as they are meant to go together.

    There are some glaring typos in this specific post (“think” instead of “thing”), and the ending line of paragraph three was more than a little awkward. What were you trying to say?

    Overall, everything here has a lot of merit to it, but it is in need of editing. By combining all three posts: the image, link, and blog, you could fix a lot of the issues. The link could be embedded in paragraph three, and there could be a transitional sentence in place of your final sentence that leads into one of the decisive moment photos. Ending with that photo would certainly leave the reader with the impression that “life is once.”

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